Over the course of nine years, Roland set up a carpenter’s shop in Kenya and trained young Kenyans, mostly boys from the streets. In 2001, Roland felt called from God to leave Kenya; at that time the carpentry was running well and could be taken over and continued by local employees.

His path led him to northern Iraq, where Roland had the task of building a carpenter’s workshop to train street children. After five years, Roland had to leave the country because of the security situation; the carpentry could be handed over to local carpenters, who continue it to this day.

Roland came to Gambia as a carpenter in 2011. Initial difficulties almost caused him to leave the country until he had an enlightening conversation with a local pastor. In this conversation two people found each other who saw the same need, high unemployment and no training opportunities, and wanted to do something about it. The vision of educating young people and giving them a future was refreshed.

Gunda, who had been living and working in rural Gambia since mid-1992 as a midwife, had worked on several small projects in addition to her medical activity in order to provide education and to earn secondary income.

In February 2013, shortly after their wedding, Roland & Gunda moved to the coast to be near the local church and the young people who are looking for an education and / or work opportunity. Together with the local church, the vision is to build up and lead a training center for craft trades where young people can find and learn the profession of their choice.

In the middle of 2013, we were able to build the first temporary workshop on leased land and put it into operation.

In June 2014 we were offered a piece of land which we could buy in the name of the local church (ECG) and is now available to House of Skills for implementing the vision.