Oops, no water again. Is the power out again? Didn’t the owner of the house pay the electricity bill?

Or did the water pump’s fuse blow again?


Why are the lights out? Do the two strands, which somebody has only twisted and protected from contact with some tape, no longer have good contact?

Oops, does the TV have a loose contact at the socket again? The Swiss plug was cut off so well and the wires were plugged directly into the socket. Why doesn’t it always work? And just now, when soccer is coming?!?

It is not difficult to find electrical defects. Especially if you’re from the trade.

It’s much harder to explain to someone,

  • why it is worth to invest money in a more expensive cable when building a house, even if it works without this “yellow-green” cable…
  • why buy a plug if the TV will work without it…
  • why not replace a fuse with a wire
  • why a 63A fuse is not suitable to protect an electrical outlet

There are many electricians in Gambia. They are very talented and are artists at getting as much as possible working with as little effort as possible. They need almost no tools and their creativity can hardly be surpassed…

In the electrical section of House of Skills we want to train young people to not only make things work, but also to give people and equipment a longer life. We want to provide them with background knowledge so that they can better understand connections.

Our aim is to provide the apprentices with a very good basis for the everyday work of a Gambian electrician, but also to give them an insight into the solar system, generator and other energy production.

Only we need help!