project vision



Young Gambians have little or no help when it comes to their choice of profession and education. There are no career programs that allow choosing a profession according to gifts and abilities. Only very few training places exist where young people can learn a craftwork. It is customary that a boy learns the profession of his father or uncle in a small street workshop.

Our vision

  • That young people can choose and learn their profession according to their gifts and abilities; we would like to offer them a taster lesson and a good education.
  • Training courses for local craftsmen
  • Support local employees
  • The training center will become financially independent and continue to develop with its profits
  • Further training centers in other localities, more inland and under local leadership
  • That young people can get to know the love of God and his message in the training center and get a vision to go as a tent-maker in parts of the country where there is still no or little Christian witness



  • Build the center on the newly acquired property in Tanji / Gambia in the coming years 2015-2020.
  • To involve young Gambians in the work as much as possible during the whole reconstruction work, and to convey them with knowledge and education.
  • Training courses
  • The big picture is the country’s superstructure plan in Tanji. It needs workshops for different professions, apprenticeship and staff accommodation, office and theorem rooms, as well as kitchen, water system and power supply.


Required staff

  • Trainers in various craft trades. (Gambier or foreigner for short or long periods)
  • Teachers to provide general knowledge (English, mathematics, management, computer, etc.)
  • Administrator, social worker


Required Finances

  • For the construction of the center (various workshops and accommodation for apprentices and employees)
  • Material, tools, machines, etc.
  • Wages for local employees and apprentices (WEC missionaries live on donations)


(Financing needs to be paid by the Center’s revenue after the start-up phase, except for the construction of a new center or the purchase of larger machines !?)