News January 2018

After two weeks Christmas holidays we started on the 8th January 2018 our HOS activities again.
Back in our daily work schedules, we are on building the brick production workshop, which is an extension to the multipurpose workshop. The foundation is currently being laid.
In addition, the IT and school building is getting constructed.

The lessons and classes are running effectively, and all the departments have their own leaders.

Missions accomplished:

We ended 2017 with successfully introducing the bakery. Production started in October, when we started making bread, pretzels, and cookies.
This also meant that the Generator- / Storehouse needed to be finished because the generator feeds the bakery with power. We quickly solved initial problems with the generator, so that the bakery could live up to full potential 2 weeks after the opening.

We also finished the staff house. While the upper floor was only a skeleton in the middle of the year we have since made it ready to move in. Now the leaders couple lives upstairs and two of our female trekkers moved in downstairs.

The foundation for the school building was laid by the end of the year.


Trekers and Team:

We can proudly say that all of this could only happen because of the many members in our team.
At the end of August, 6 new trekkers arrived. By November we counted two more, one German helper who only stayed for 2 months and a Swiss helper who would be staying for the next 12 months.
In our best times there were up to 10 short termers helping on this compound. At the moment there are 8 remaining, but we will see more changes in the next few weeks. With little happening on receiving applications for their successors.


New Departments:

The bakery is one of the new departments we can announce and with our auto mechanic expert we started the car mechanic workshop, which currently has one apprentice and is building up the workshop with an gambian auto mechanic.