HoS Departments

On our compound these different deparments work hand in hand together:

car mechanic

Our car mechanic workshop repairs mostly vehicles of the company. Here you can see how the workshop looks like.  


Our carpenters make various things like doors, windows, beds, etc. This should give you a better picture of how it looks like.


The electric department installs solar panels, light bulps, cabels and wires. They also fix problems coming up with the generator or the Wifi.


In the office site, we have one apprentice managing a lot not only the finances also contracts, forms and invenatry lists are part of the paperwork.


The painters on our compound color most of the products from the carpenters, welders and masons, so that the walls, windows, doors look good. Like one of our apprentices once said: ” You don’t see the beauty of a house unless you paint it. So painting beautifys the universe.”


The welding workshop produces different things beginning with doors, frames and windows but also the roofs on the buildings get fixed by our welders.